In the local language Chakratirtha means ‘the sacred water body that swirls’ . Located close to the Kodanda Rama Temple, this spot is considered the holiest bathing spot in Tungabhadra River. Local legend has it that at some special occasions the swirl in the river forms into the images of Rama, Sita and Laxmana. You can see a large number (esp. during the auspicious days) of pilgrims take a dip in the spot before visiting the temple. Along the bank of the river, slightly up on the hillside is a long open pavilion. This was built as a shelter to the pilgrims who thronged the area ever since this temple came into being.

This is the valley point of two hills- the Matunga Hill in south and the Rishyamukha Hill in the north. At this area the river gets narrower changes its direction along the valley. This can make the current swift and may not be noticeable from the surface. Do not venture into swimming at this point. If lucky enough, you can see the swirl pattern if the river has washed down the weeds into the Chakrathirta from upstream.