About Us

As mentioned above, we are group of mountain guides and mountaineers coming from all over himalayan states of India. We all are connected with each other with computers, emails and cell phones. Our way of operations is transparent and every one knows about developments and operations. At present we are NOT sitting in physical office. Our liaison with international agents and agencies besides direct clients from internet is making www.himadventures.com a popular name in adventure and outdoor services.

Our Tours : We personally survey the activity and other destination before we organize tour to the area. All the itineraries are designed according to clients’ choice and services are arranged according to your budget. We have full knowledge of all the trips and services we offer and that’s why most of our clients comes from different -different countries and come again and again.

Our Strength :Our strength is experience in handling international clients, authentic information, certified and professional staff and our dedication.

Experience : Over 10 years of experience in trekking, mountaineering, cultural, Eco and Special interest Tours gives us capacity to handle Group – most our mountain guides are trained in mountaineering institute of India and some had even have worked in US Summer Camps. Mountaineering Instructors are English speaking individuals having good experience of mountaineering expeditions.