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We are group of mountain guides and mountaineers coming from Himalayan states of India. Trails of various grades are managed by English speaking mountain guides. Mountaineering expeditions are mostly managed by Mountaineers trained by DMAS-MANALI , and most of us , posses Method Of Instruction certification. High benchmarks of safety and security is making www.himadventures.com a popular name in adventure and outdoor services. From making of website to maintainance and operations are managed by mountaineers, mountaineering instructors and mountain guides.  We have many features which are not depicted / displayed yet on website and some of them are #snowleopard photography in Winter @Kinnaur , #glacierstudy , New Route Exploration in Trekking and Mountaineering where lesser known / Unknown regions are explored. Content and development of many such undertakings are not displayed publicly , mostly due to client privacy request.
#Himadventures International Outdoors have specific policies in place- please do read before you book with us – in case of any confusion or question, do not hesitate to ask us @support@himadventures.com  / Skype: him.adventures / Phone -WhatsApp Support – +1 604 300 2535

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Discounted Offers

We are promoting some trails and regions by offering discounts. This is to make people more and more aware, and also providing budget trekking and climbing. Beas Kund | Triund -ILLAKA GLACIER | Pindari Glacier | Sar Pass | are few popular options.  Please note that discounted offers are specific and involves certain terms and conditions. Some of them are ..
1. There is no airport- takeover. You will be reporting / traveling to trail head on your own.
2. You will be carrying your sack – Ponies / personal porter is not provided under Discounted Policy.
3. 100% Non Refundable advance is required.
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Important Policies :

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